2021 Valentine’s Gift Guide

Some think it’s cheesy, but I love Valentine’s Day! It’s just another excuse to celebrate the ones we love in our lives, which I think is so fun. Flowers and chocolates are nice, but here’s a few ideas for you if you want to get your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband something unique for V-Day 🙂 And trust me, they’ll actually use these!

For her:

Travel makeup case – $23.99 on Amazon

This cosmetics case has over 2,700 great reviews on Amazon! The dividers on the inside can be switched around so that all of her makeup can perfectly fit inside. It has pockets for brushes and a zipper pocket for palettes, too. It’s great for traveling and I love that it comes in this white marble pattern – the pink and black are cute too!

Capri Blue Volcano candle – $30 for 19oz on Amazon

You just have to trust me on this one – the Volcano scent from Capri Blue is the most HEAVENLY candle you will ever smell in your life. I love it so much, and the ladies in your life will love it too, I promise! This scent has become so popular that it comes in a few different colored jars – I like this white one, but there’s also a pink and a blue. You can grab it on Amazon, and they also have it at Nordstrom and Anthropologie. 

For him:

Wrist Wraps – $24.99 from WrkEthic Supplements

If the man in your life enjoys lifting, these are the perfect gift for him. They’re super heavy duty, more flexible than the average wrist wrap, and will really help him improve grip strength during his lift. They come in black and even a cool military green color, along with a carrying case so they’re easy to toss in his gym bag. 

Blue Light Blocker Glasses – $25.95 from Amazon

If your guy is a gamer or spends a lot of time in front of a screen for work, then he needs blue blockers! 

For anyone: 

Pump Action Preworkout, Green Apple – $39.95 from WrkEthic Supplements

This pre-workout formula is my favorite – it does its job, TASTES AMAZING, and doesn’t leave me feeling too jittery. I love how it can be used on its own, or it can be stacked with other supplements from WrkEthic (they recommend using their Hard Work and Break The Mold products alongside this if you choose to stack). It also comes in Pineapple Mango which smells like you’re on a beach in Hawaii!

Dynapro Mini Resistance Bands – $14.99 on Liftwithcassmartin.com

These mini bands are a must have for your workouts! They come in two sizes, 10 inch and 12 inch, and they are perfect for both at-home and gym workouts. Use these in your warmups or during conditioning – they also make working out on the road so much easier! 

Total Body 6-Week Program – Liftwithcassmartin.com

or REBUILD 8-Week Program – Liftwithcassmartin.com 

Grab your swolemate and start a new fitness program together! You’ll get detailed downloadable PDFs of all your workouts, exercise videos that allow you to workout along with me, a progress tracker to keep you dialed in on your workouts, PLUS a six week nutrition program that fits YOUR lifestyle and body weight.

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